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Open House

Loflin Middle School Band

The band students have been working very hard every day.  We have made a lot of progress since the Christmas Concert.  We have a few events coming up that will show how hard our students have been working.  

The beginners have a Solo Performance.  This is happening April 8th.  It will be taking place during band class in our band hall.  Students will be performing solos for the other band directors in the school district.  We do this so the students can get constructive feedback from directos besides us.  We see our students every day so we know what they are capable of and this will help them having a different person giving them help.

The 7th and 8th graders also have a Solo Performance coming up in May.  We are not sure of the date yet, but we do want to have the event in May.  This is another oppurtunity for students to get feedback from outside band directors in order to help the students and the program get better.  

The Concert, Symphonic and Honor Bands have a Spring Evaluation coming up very soon.  As a district, the JISD Bands have decided to not participate in UIL due to the uncertainty of Covid.  We will be having our own version of UIL where we will invite band directors from other districts to give our students feedback.  We are treating everything like the real contest so students can receive the most authentic experience we can in these times.  The Concert Band will have their evaluation on April 8th in class.  The Symphonic and Honor Band will have their evaluation on April 6th.  

We are also working on our Spring Concert.  The date and location has not been set yet but as soon as we know, we will let everyone know.  As of now, no audience is allowed to watch the performance.  We understand that this is not ideal but we are doing everything we can to keep everyone safe.  I promise you parents, we have missed having a live audience to perform for.

The bands at LMS are doing great because of the hard work by the students.  We see the progress they are making everyday and we are excited for the future of the band program here at Loflin and Joshua ISD.