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Demerits for NJHS

Sponsors will issue demerits. NJHS member will be informed at the time the demerit is given or will be informed as soon as possible thereafter.

Demerits will be given for, but not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Failure to show up/check in to Recycle on assigned day—2 demerits
  • Failure to show up to Meetings—2 demerits
  • Failure to Participate in school-sponsored activities – 2 demerits
    • Example: Not working concession stand at any point during volleyball season = 2, not working during basketball = 2, etc.
  • Failure to meet service hour requirements – 4 demerits
  • One day of ISS – 4 demerits
  • Two days of ISS – 6 demerits
  • Any behavior that causes embarrassment to our school (including but not limited to any social media outlets) – 10 demerits.
  • Any suspension/AEP placement will result in a Committee meeting for removal.

    A total of 8 demerits will result in a committee meeting to determine your eligibility.

*Any exceptional circumstances must be communicated and handled with an NJHS sponsor.*