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Requirements for 2022-2023 School Year

  NJHS Requirements   NJHS members qualify for membership by maintaining an overall average of 93 of their 4 core classes for the 1st - 3rd six weeks grading period.    However, grades alone do not qualify you to be a member. Members must be recommended by their teachers based upon their willingness to serve others, their leadership, their citizenship and their character.   
Scholarship- Candidates must have a 93% cumulative grade point average and 94% attendance.

Leadership- Candidates must have performed a leadership role within an organization or in the classroom. A position of leadership in not limited to holding an official or elected office. A leadership role can be verified through the faculty evaluation form.

Character- Character will be evaluated through the faculty evaluation form. Candidates shall adhere to the behavioral expectations as outlined in R. C. Loflin Middle School handbook.

Service- Candidates have completed exemplary service to their community prior to nomination.

Citizenship- Candidates must have a 94% in attendance.   Once inducted, members are expected to participate in NJHS projects, as well as always conduct themselves as model students.