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Bullying and Harassment Prevention

Bullying and Harassment Prevention

The Joshua Independent School District has established a comprehensive plan for the Safety and well being of all students, staff, and the community of Joshua. This plan is designed to be pro-active in helping to prevent bullying and harassment on our campuses through education, training and community involvement.  

1.     JISD Policies and Procedures Addressing Bullying and Sexual Harassment:

·         Local Board Policy

ü FFI (LOCAL)  Student Welfare Freedom from Bullying

ü FFH (LOCAL)  Student Welfare Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation

·         JISD Student Handbook/Student Code of Conduct

2.     JISD Staff Training Addressing Bullying, Sensitivity, Sexual Harassment and Suicide Prevention:

·         Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) Anti-Bullying  Law Training Video

·         Bullying and Sexual Harassment Policies, Procedures and Guidelines are addressed in the following ways:

ü JISD August Administrators Workshop

ü Staff and Faculty Meetings

ü August Campus Level Staff Development

ü District/Campus Site-Based Committees

3.     JISD Campus Level Prevention Strategies:

·         JISD Secondary Schools (Grades 7-12)

ü Student Assemblies

ü Guidance Services

ü Student Safety and Bullying Survey

4.     Parent and Community Involvement:

·         Host parent meetings addressing sensitivity, bullying, and suicide prevention

·         JISD Website

ü Parent and Community Resources

·         Parent Survey

ü Each school will give a survey each March regarding school safety